Stunning Wedding Locations: Blue Mountains and Beyond

govetts leap blackheath
Govett's Leap at Blackheath

By the time I'd been working for 5 years as a celebrant with A Ceremony by Design Travelling to Locations in the lower and upper mountains were becoming regular haunts. Nonetheless, I found myself travelling to the city to do weddings in the Botanic Gardens or on the harbour or in big hotels; across the city to Bondi or to Lane Cove and Curzon Hall at Ryde - or the many spectacular options on the northern beaches. Back in the mountains I'd had the privilege to officiate in private homes – be they ever so humble under a suburban Hills Hoist, in charming cottages or in grand properties with opulent interiors and grounds.

I’d done dozens of weddings at lookouts in the mountains – some more remote than others – Tunnelview Lookout at Glenbrook, Govett’s Leap, Gordon Falls, Narrowneck, King’s Tableland… I quickly learned that high heels could easily be ruined in such locations! Being married at a lookout usually has a sentimental motive and is a romantic notion in the literal sense – I've seen many weddings become nerve-wracking from a guest’s point of view: grandparents negotiating endless rough stairs into the bush, children cavorting on sheer clifftops, high winds, inappropriately clad and shod attendees… Remote wedding locations are beautiful if they are chosen to commemorate a return to a sentimental, personal spot and as such are most moving when the wedding party is intimate – maybe just the couple and their witnesses – and moi, of course!

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