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Love is in the Air

100 Ideas for your Personal Wedding Story

With the style and sophistication that comes from conducting more than 1,000 ceremonies over almost a quarter of a century, Susan Artup has combined experience with youthful energy and openness to new ideas in her career as a marriage celebrant.

She has listened to her couples and when she facilitates weddings she has the reputation for setting minds at rest and imparting confidence in the build-up to a wedding. On the big day she guarantees to be a calming influence.

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In Susan’s wedding handbook, “Love is in the Air”, she explores the meaning of marriage, love and commitment and offers 100 comments on creating bespoke ceremonies.

Susan has a thorough knowledge of the Marriage Act and specialises in weddings for couples from overseas. It is important for all guests to feel part of a wedding, so Susan’s ability to conduct ceremonies in the languages she has taught – French, German and Indonesian – in a long simultaneous career in education, ensures that this can be a reality.

This advantage also gives Susan a sensitivity towards encouraging the inclusion of many cultures and beliefs into her ceremonies – her aim is that every ceremony she conducts becomes and remains “true” to every couple’s individual relationship.

In her handbook Susan describes the process of marriage, including legal requirements and how to design a ceremony. She also interweaves some of her personal story through her commentary, with emotional observances about love and the real meaning of marriage.

She has either quoted or referred to poetry which is perfect for weddings and may resonate with her readers. For those who don’t see their relationship described in poetry, Susan has written of many “special touches” which can make a ceremony personal and unique. Above all, Susan outlines how readers can “think outside the square” and have fun creating a memorable marriage ceremony.

The Blue Mountains are a wedding destination and as a “local” Susan has gathered rich resources which enable her to advise on venues and locations unique to this world-heritage area.

With a 45-year connection to the gay community, Susan is delighted with the recent changes in marriage legislation and is proud to have conducted many same-sex wedding ceremonies.

She believes that marriage takes place in the heart, so straight or gay, “Love is in the Air” is an essential source of ideas applicable to all couples.

As her handbook promises, Susan has accumulated an infinite choice of ceremony models: she can do all the work for her couples but would rather encourage them to create their unique wording. Words are Susan’s passion and “Love is in the Air” is the result of her musings about love, marriage and what it means to be committed to another for life.

Ceremonies based on her advice should touch the hearts of family and friends who will bear witness to the union of marriage.

Testament to these beliefs, “Love is in the Air” is a treasure about marriage, a “must have” reference for anybody organising a wedding.