5 Types of Wedding Reception Venues

  1. If you’re looking at a function where all the work is done for you, menus and service and dedicated wedding set-up, choose a reception venue where fabulous parties are their thing – somewhere like Dunbar House at Watsons Bay.Dunbar House
  2. All the work will be done for you if you choose a reception in a restaurant – you can devise your menu with the chef and co-ordinate with a wedding stylist for your décor – The Potager in the Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, for example.Mount Tomah Restaurant
  3. If a rustic wedding is your thing you can pitch a huge tent, a marquee, in the of middle of a paddock or any panoramic space, hire a caterer and a stylist to create bounty and luxury – and a dance floor!Marquee Reception
  4. If you would like to cater for your guests but have too many to entertain in your home, consider hiring a community hall. It has professional facilities and you can create a theme and decorate it yourselves.Community Hall
  5. A very on-trend style is to hire a disused, barely converted industrial space for a huge wedding reception and decorate it in an equally industrial style. Outside caterers brought in to prepare food and waitstaff could serve drinks.Industrial Space

How To Plan Your Wedding Weekend

I’m fortunate to work in the mountains, a wedding destination, and to have seen how special it is for couples from outside the area to celebrate at one of our beautiful retreats for a whole weekend.

While the day always has its spontaneity, it helps to plan so that the day can unfold almost of its own accord. Read about this wonderful celebration – again, cross-cultural: Italian-Australian and Chinese Malaysian. The arrangements really are a gift to the guests for being part of the celebrations, and no gifts to the couple was a firm request!

6pmDinner for bridal party. Guests welcome to visit
9-10amArrival of guests
Harp music while guests gather
11:30amFinger food
Music/vocal performance
1:00pmBuffet lunch
2:30pmTea ceremony
3:00pmWine tasting with cheese and crackers
4:00pmCake, coffee and ice-cream
5-7:00pmFree time
7-10:00pmDancing and light dinner
9:00am-12:00pmBreakfast at the resort

5 Great Harbourside Wedding Locations

When couples think of a Harbourside location for their wedding they often only consider Port Jackson (Bridge and Opera House) - but there are plenty of "suburban" spots with stunning harbour views.

Here are 5 I've conducted weddings at recently:

Harbourside Wedding Locations

1. Robertson Park at Watsons Bay

Robertson Park

2. Kelly's Bush at Woolwich

A Heritage listed waterfront park on an abandoned industrial site, this was the first triumph of "green bans" from 1971 to 1983 to be rescued from developers. It has views of the Harbour Bridge. Home of the Wallumedegal clan, aboriginal engravings remain in the area.

Kelly's Bush

3. Chowder Bay and Clifton Gardens

This stunning precinct has bay and sea views forever. There is a naval station nearby, and Ripples and the Sergeants Mess are beautiful reception venues.

Chowder Bay

4. Bradley's Head

Bradley's Head is a headland protruding from the north shore of Sydney Harbour National Park. Home of the Borgegal clan, an amphitheatre perfect for weddings was built here in 2000. The views are too good to be true and you can have your reception at Athol House.

Bradley's Head

5. The Q Station

The Q Station is sprawled across 30 hectares at North Head. Home of the Garangal people, it was used in white settlement from 1830 to 1984 as Australia's first Quarantine station. Heritage -listed, it has been transformed into a conference and event centre with sensational harbour views.

Q Station