5 Types of Wedding Reception Venues

  1. If you’re looking at a function where all the work is done for you, menus and service and dedicated wedding set-up, choose a reception venue where fabulous parties are their thing – somewhere like Dunbar House at Watsons Bay.Dunbar House
  2. All the work will be done for you if you choose a reception in a restaurant – you can devise your menu with the chef and co-ordinate with a wedding stylist for your décor – The Potager in the Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, for example.Mount Tomah Restaurant
  3. If a rustic wedding is your thing you can pitch a huge tent, a marquee, in the of middle of a paddock or any panoramic space, hire a caterer and a stylist to create bounty and luxury – and a dance floor!Marquee Reception
  4. If you would like to cater for your guests but have too many to entertain in your home, consider hiring a community hall. It has professional facilities and you can create a theme and decorate it yourselves.Community Hall
  5. A very on-trend style is to hire a disused, barely converted industrial space for a huge wedding reception and decorate it in an equally industrial style. Outside caterers brought in to prepare food and waitstaff could serve drinks.Industrial Space

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