How To Plan Your Wedding Weekend

I’m fortunate to work in the mountains, a wedding destination, and to have seen how special it is for couples from outside the area to celebrate at one of our beautiful retreats for a whole weekend.

While the day always has its spontaneity, it helps to plan so that the day can unfold almost of its own accord. Read about this wonderful celebration – again, cross-cultural: Italian-Australian and Chinese Malaysian. The arrangements really are a gift to the guests for being part of the celebrations, and no gifts to the couple was a firm request!

6pmDinner for bridal party. Guests welcome to visit
9-10amArrival of guests
Harp music while guests gather
11:30amFinger food
Music/vocal performance
1:00pmBuffet lunch
2:30pmTea ceremony
3:00pmWine tasting with cheese and crackers
4:00pmCake, coffee and ice-cream
5-7:00pmFree time
7-10:00pmDancing and light dinner
9:00am-12:00pmBreakfast at the resort

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