Sharing the Chalice: A Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

sharing the chalice

I used this ceremony in one of my first weddings 20 years ago ( here’s a photo of it, very special to me as my husband, since passed away, took it).

The chalice of wine holds very strong symbolism – holy communion, the Last Supper, promises exchanged, commitment sealed, good will and trust. In ancient rites it is the representative of the Divine Female, the Cup of Life.

In this ceremony the couple were invited to share from the cup in their first sip as husband and wife after the rings were exchanged.

Words to the effect of this symbolism can be chosen and recited for the occasion.

The mothers of the bride and groom can come forward to fill the chalice while the ritual is explained.

Then the groom can offer it to the bride, and the bride to the groom.

A ritual like this can be included in a ceremony if you prefer it to readings of poetry.

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