Symbolic Dove Release for Any Occasion in Sydney

releasing wedding doves

Last time I wrote about the releasing of butterflies as a symbol of hope for the future and dreams fulfilled.

Another symbolic finale to a ceremony ( and not just a wedding : I have seen this one work beautifully at commitments, namings and funerals) is releasing doves.
There are a couple of people ( businesses) in Sydney who keep and train doves just for this - to fly off from a wedding venue and return home to their owners.

Doves are a symbol of peace, love and new beginnings – and they fly in pairs.
They may fly in separate directions but at night they return home to their partner.
These are words that can be said by the celebrant:

“ _______ and _______, as you begin your new life journey, let this pair of doves symbolise the love and devotion that will grow with your years together.
May the memory of these two creatures, which bond together for life, serve as inspiration as you both go forth…travelling a path started by two and combining as one with a never-ending love for one another.

We wish for you that your life together will be long, rich and rewarding.
May your marriage carry with it all the wonderful qualities that the white dove represents.”

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