Symbolic Butterfly Release: Ceremony Finale for Mr and Mrs

butterfly release

Releasing butterflies is a stunning symbol as the finale to a ceremony – after everything, including the signing of the documents, is over – the instant after you are introduced as Mr and Mrs or married partners or a married couple.

Obviously butterflies must be released outside so if your ceremony is outdoors it is ideal – if not there has to be some choreography to get you to the exit, followed by guests. At some stage everyone is handed a little packet of comatose butterflies which is not to be opened until the given moment. Then the butterflies come to life and soar off in all directions. After the celebrant explains the symbolism of the butterflies the couple makes the first wish and release and the guests are then invited to make a wish and release theirs. According to native American legend, a randomly captured butterfly can make a wish come true. By releasing the butterfly you are ensuring that your wish is taken to the heavens and granted.

The release of the butterflies can be accompanied by something like:

“ …may we remember this beautiful moment – as the butterflies fly to the light may the promise of tomorrow always be bright. Let them carry your hopes for what the future may bring and may your love be lifted up on their wings.”

It’s a lovely way to involve your guests. Just be gentle with the little creatures!

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