Medieval Monk's Take on Love and Commitment

thomas a kempis

Thomas à Kempis was a prolific medieval Christian monk. He wrote this about love, and the commitment of love. Of course the love he speaks about is not just romantic love but a code for living. How could an old guy in the middle ages write so fittingly of modern love?

This is not an original blog, but on his behalf , I share:

Love is a great thing, a great good in every way; it alone lightens that which is
heavy, and leads smoothly over all roughness. For it carries a burden without being burdened, and makes every bitter thing sweet and tasty. Love wants to be lifted up, not held back by anything low. Love wants to be free, and far from all worldly desires, so that its inner vision may not be dimmed nor good fortune bind it nor misfortune cast it down. Nothing is sweeter than love; nothing stronger, nothing higher, nothing wider; nothing happier, nothing fuller, nothing better in heaven and earth.
Love keeps watch and is never unaware, even when it sleeps; tired, it is never
exhausted; hindered, it is never defeated; alarmed, it is never afraid; but like a living flame and a burning torch it bursts upward and blazes forth…
..... Love is quick, sincere, dutiful, joyous and pleasant; brave, patient,faithful, prudent, serene and vigorous; and it never seeks itself. For
whenever we seek ourselves, we fall away from love. Love is watchful, humble and upright; not weak or frivolous, or directed toward vain things; temperate, pure, steady, calm, and alert in all the senses. Love is devoted and thankful, always trusting and hopeful, even when it doesn't taste the sweetness, for without pain, no-one can live in love.”

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