German Silken Ribbon: Symbolic Addition to Ceremony

ribbon wedding

This is a ritual that a couple has just asked me to include in their ceremony.
I think it is German in origin and could be included as a blessing toward the end or as a precursor to the commitment in the exchange of vows. So after the Asking and before the Vows. It is beautifully symbolic and adds a unique touch.

In this ritual the celebrant takes a blue silken ribbon and places it over the shoulders of the bride and groom, and recites:

"This silken ribbon close entwines
two hearts in love together.
Friendship’s dearest pledge is made
in joy forever.

United you shall walk through life
sharing earth’s pain and pleasure.
Hand in hand you shall strive
for achievement in life together.

Should the path be rough and thorny
let love sustain and guide you.
Should the way be strewn with roses
let the joys of life embrace you.”

Then the ribbon can remain over their shoulders while the vows are exchanged and ceremoniously removed and handed to someone in the party for safekeeping.

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