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Fairmont, Escarpment, Sebel

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Driving up the mountains and through the Hawkesbury on my way to conduct a wedding at Allview Escape at Blackheath,  I stopped off to deliver some Christmas cheer to three of my most frequented ceremony

What’s in a Word?

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Marriage. With a capital ‘M’, the word has become so charged. It is locked in as the legal definition of union between a man and a woman. With a small ‘m’ , the word is

Running Sheet

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In my job sometimes I start communicating with a couple over a year before the wedding, we become friends on Facebook, and I get to share every step of their preparation. One of “my“ brides

A Ceremony by Design

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Here is a design template for your wedding – too easy! The average civil ceremony will take just under half an hour – including a couple of readings and the signing of documents. It will

Why Marriage?

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This reading would be beautifully placed at the beginning of the ceremony – maybe after the introduction and welcome to guests. It is a personal view on what the commitment to marriage means. The reading

The Final Word

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There are hundreds and hundreds of poems and formal words of wisdom that could be read at wedding ceremonies. I’ve chosen just a few that have proven to be popular over the years, and some

Good Luck!

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This anonymous reading is often used as a final blessing … the fact that it suggests that the success of your marriage should be based on gentle manipulation is beside the point I suppose! It’s