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Re-imagining Weddings in the Wake of Covid19

Susan Artup

Until our borders re-open to overseas relatives and couples can plan an overseas holiday, many of you will be postponing or re-imagining your wedding day.

The new wedding rules from the NSW Government

Social Distance Wedding Covid Safe

Even with the Covid restrictions, I have celebrated many beautiful weddings this new decade. Some couples have even told me that because of Covid they were able to have the wedding they wanted in the first place. Being forced to streamline your celebration may focus you on what you really value about your commitment.
I am delighted to report the easing of nearly all restrictions on weddings from midnight on March 29th. There will be no caps on the number of guests (if the number of guests exceeds 25, the one person per 2sqm rule applies in a venue) and no restrictions on the dance floor.

COVID-safe Precautions

People attending a wedding will be still be required to provide their name and contact details by checking in so that they can be used for contact tracing.

A Ceremony by Design Safety Measures

A Ceremony by Design is a registered COVID-safe business and will collect the names and contact details of all guests and other wedding suppliers if the wedding is in a public space. As a celebrant I will retain the option to observe the following health and Covid safety measures:

  • Contact tracing
  • Avoiding handshaking
  • Supplying individual pens for signing
  • Placing hand sanitiser on the signing table
  • Maintaining physical distance between wedding party, guests and suppliers
  • Encouraging physical distancing among guests
  • Discouraging close photo opportunities during the ceremony
  • Advising caution in traditional physical congratulating
Wedding Ceremony with Social Distanced Seating

Covid Safe

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