Crafting Meaningful Wedding Vows for a Stronger Marriage

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The vows you make on the wedding day are the essence of your marriage and the foundation of your relationship. Before you are married you should spend some time figuring out what it is you are promising to your partner. This is worth more marriage education than any that can be imposed on you from others! Say what you mean on the day and mean what you say and you can’t go wrong.

These personal vows were really nicely executed : sometimes couples will keep their vows from each other until the day of the wedding, but these vows were worked on by the couple together, alternating their well thought-out promises:

When I stand before you, I promise to guard and protect, and be the guide to direct you;

When I stand before you, I promise to be inspirational and encouraging, yet patient and comforting;

And when I stand behind you, I will encourage and motivate, and entrust my strength and discipline to you;

And when I stand behind you I will be proud and trusting, and provide support that is both gracious and generous;

And when I stand beside you, I will stimulate and challenge you, and explore and share with you.

And when I stand beside you, I promise to be sharing and honest, genuine and loving.

Today it is with pride that I take you as my wife/husband.

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