15 Ways to a Healthy Relationship

I wonder if it’s possible to offer a prescription for a sound relationship?

And on whose evidence and experience? Anyway here is something I read lately – 15 pointers to a healthy relationship. Should there be fewer? Why stop at 15? Anyway :

  1. Look after your own physical and emotional health
  2. Accept that conflict is normal and feel free to speak up
  3. However, don’t be defensive : take responsibility
  4. Accept your differences but be fair and compromise
  5. Respect each other’s viewpoint
  6. Be open about your thoughts and feelings and offer empathy in return
  7. If you are feeling uncomfortable, use words like “ I feel..,”, “When you do this, I want…” which are less confrontational
  8. Spend time apart; maintain your own identity
  9. Influence each other in a fair and respectful way
  10. Be assertive, but not aggressive; keep the power balance
  11. Don’t assume how your partner is feeling or vice-versa
  12. Communication relies on repetition , but avoid criticism
  13. Constantly show appreciation
  14. Expect that your partner’s perspective may change over time and respect that
  15. Be honest if you are at fault and be quick to apologise – always be aware of the effect your behaviour has on your partner.


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