Simple Blessings

These two blessings are not overly laden with philosophy but in their simplicity they appeal to the universe, like the original epithalamia, to look after the newly-weds as they embark on their new journey through the seasons and twists and turns of life.

Both suggest that the couples have faith in the universe to protect and keep their love.
The first is anonymous:

“The wonderful joys that the future will hold will be found in the plans that you make, the roads that you travel, the sights that you see and the paths that you let your hearts take.
So believe in your dreams, in your hopes and your goals and the trust that you place in each other.
And know that, wherever love leads you, you’ll go step by step and beside one another
We wish you a beautiful life journey together – beginning with this special day of happiness and love.”

And the second was written by a South Australian author called Nan Whitcomb who trained as a nurse and air hostess in the 1950s. In the 1970s she published three volumes of simple poetry entitled “ The Thoughts of Nanushka”. One of her poems, “ To Mourn Too Long For Those We Love”, was read at the funeral of Michael Hutchence. This one though is very popular at weddings!

“May your friendship and trust
Endure and strengthen
Through the winters of your lives
And may your love
Be renewed
As surely as the blossoms
Adorn the trees each spring.
May your understanding of each other
Grow with your love
Until the wonder
Of each night and day
Becomes a lifetime
Of happiness together.”

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