Pagan-Inspired Sunrise Wedding Ceremony at Evans Lookout

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Many couples take advantage of the opportunity to author a unique ceremony by adopting a ‘theme’ which better suits their style and beliefs than a conventional ceremony. Almost anything goes as long as the sections of the Marriage Act are adhered to.

When a theme is adopted it too can be changed and moulded to create a unique ritual – themes can be adapted, borrowed, re-constituted : nothing is strict.

I have conducted some “Pagan “ ceremonies. In this one, elements of nature are invoked and friends play a part in addressing the couple. The ceremony was conducted at dawn at Evans Lookout at Blackheath and was really lovely: the first rays of the sun fell across the bride’s face as the vows were exchanged.

This was the way the ceremony was introduced:

“The joining of Man and Woman in the sacred rite of marriage brings together great forces from which may flow the seeds of future generations to be nurtured within the womb of Time.

Within each Masculine nature lies the Feminine, within every Feminine nature lies the Masculine. The interplay of Masculine and Feminine forces, when flowing freely on a union based upon true Love, finds many expressions. This union is truly holy.”

And this was the variation on the conventional “Do you take …?” – the first two questions asked by me and then a number of questions, followed by an invocation, by selected friends:

“Do you __________________come to this sacred place of your own free will to join with _________________in marriage?

You have walked the Circles of the Sun and Moon together, will you now walk the Circle of Time, Travelling through the Elements and the Seasons?

Will your love survive the clear light of day?

Then accept the Blessing of the element of Air in this place of Spring. May your marriage be blessed by the light of every new dawn.

Will your love survive the harsh fires of change?

Then accept the Blessing of the element of Fire in this place of Summer. May your home be filled with warmth.

Will your love survive the ebb and flow of feeling?

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