Memorable Civil Celebrant: Romantic Poems and Personal Touch

I was appointed an authorized civil celebrant in April of 1995 and can remember the excitement of my first booking. I got all dressed up in a wedding outfit and went over to visit the entire family of the bride, groom in attendance too. The mother of the bride teared up when I read a romantic poem by way of exhibiting my talents! I think I must have been a bit stiff and business-like, but I still bump into members of that family and that is a warm and fuzzy thing.

signing the wedding register

My first actual wedding was on July 29th in a private home somewhere near Blacktown. Standing in a corner of the lounge room on this winter afternoon, the bride and groom looked at me so intently, looking to me to allow them this moment of passage. I will never forget the looks on their faces, giving ME the privilege!

My second wedding was in the beautiful Everglades Gardens in Leura – a venue I have now done hundreds of weddings in. My third wedding was out at Camden Valley Inn in their chapel– I was so chuffed with myself I nearly forgot to sign the marriage certificate for the couple, and I think I left the audience on their feet throughout. Well, I have come a long way… and those marriages are 19 years old!

When I told my first couple afterward that theirs was my first wedding, but I didn’t want to tell them that BEFORE the wedding, they said they would still have asked me BECAUSE it was my first! How lovely people are.

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