Find Refuge in Love: A Promise Fulfilled

The idea that in finding a loving partner we are finding a place of refuge underlies the trust peculiar to marriage, or commitment. The union of two is exclusive, private and special, a place where you can breathe and rest and be yourself. This might be something you want to acknowledge in your ceremony. Many poems talk of this.
These two are intimate poems of commitment which you could read to each other.

These are both anonymous poems with the same message:
‘My Love’

My love surrounds the house in which you dwell,
The place you work, the streets your feet have known,
With more of tenderness than I can tell,
And prayers I have said for you alone.
If you are lonely, know that I am near;
If you are sad, my faith will comfort you,
The things you value I shall hold most dear;
Your happiness will make me happy, too.
Be sure of this: Though you may travel far,
My love will guard you anywhere you are.

‘A Place’

There is a place within my heart
Where memories of you lie.
A place I visit form time to time;
A place that will never die.
A place that no-one knows about
Except for a very few.
A place that I have set aside
Especially for you.
I go to this place whenever I feel
Lonely when we’re apart.
I go to this place whenever I need
You to touch my heart .
You shall always be in this place,
For I give my heart to you.
If not these, why not find a poem that sums up your feelings and present it as a gift to your beloved on your wedding day? A poem each …

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