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Susan Artup is a straight woman with a 45-year connection to the gay community and is poised to make the change in the definition of marriage in her ceremonies.

She has been a civil celebrant since 1995 with “ A Ceremony by Design … true to your relationship…”, defining her approach to commitment. Susan has done it all – complex traditional rituals, “ short and sweet” legalities, alternative ceremonies… all reflecting the personal style of her couples and capturing the tone they wish for.

Susan Artup
Commitment Ceremony
Australian Marriage Equality

Why marriage?

While a Commitment ceremony is fine, and just as personal and just as moving and just as meaningful in sentiment and intention as a legal ceremony– it is still a Clayton’s Marriage. A rose by any other name is not as sweet, unless it is your conviction to eschew the institution of marriage in the first place ( as many straight and gay couples do).

Will this be the year?

A marriage starts in the heart, and straight or gay, Susan will honour the celebration of your commitment and the expression of your vows.

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Presenting Bron and Lynda
Bron and Linda

Happily Married

Over a decade ago when people were only starting to talk about gay marriage we approached Susan for a commitment ceremony. From the meetings we had with her to the ceremony, she understood our feelings and how we wanted the ceremony perfectly. We made a connection and have kept in touch ever since. When Marriage Equality is finally a reality, we can’t wait for Susan to officiate at our wedding.

Kate and Michelle, Wentworth Falls, NSW

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