Ceremony by Design: A Unique Wedding Ceremony

unity candle

“ A Ceremony by Design” is called so for a reason – your wedding ceremony is your design, it’s unique. I also added to all my material “…true to your relationship”, because to have your own ceremony, one that will make you think: “ Yes! That’s us exactly!, you have to be faithful to what you think makes you tick as a couple.

Your ceremony is your opportunity to encapsulate what you honour most in your relationship. My job as a celebrant is to give you this freedom to be yourselves, while making sure you adhere to the rules which you must obey by law. However, these are separate and you can build your ceremony around them. So whether you want a quiet, touching ceremony that doesn’t draw too much attention to the private nature of your relationship, or whether you want to go over the top and scream your commitment from the rooftops – you can have just that. There are just a few simple legalities that absolutely must be included but the rest of the words can be custom-written, bespoke. Even the structure of the ceremony can be played with. So I invite you to alter the sequence a bit to make your ceremony truly unique – it will be my responsibility to make sure the legal part follows a logical sequence.

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